LPPM Uhamka Guides Lecturers in Compiling Community Service Proposals

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 University Muhammadiyah Prof. DR. HAMKA is one of the Universities that builds community service through its services that was arrange, one of which is through Technical Guidance (Bimtek) in the Preparation of Proposals for Community Service Grants from the Kemen-Ristek Funding 2022 which is held offline in the Mini Theater Room 1, III Floor, Faculty of Economics and Business Building. Uhamka Business (24). 


This agenda was held to help Lecturers through guidance and training in preparing community service proposals. It was attended by twenty lecturers from various faculties at Uhamka, as well as Ghufron Amirullah, M.Pd as the Head of the Institute for Community Service to the people (LPPM). Also present was Prof. Yus Mochamad Cholily who was present as a resource person who would raise the theme of Revision XIII Guide Surgery. 


In his report, Ghufron Amirullah said that this activity as a series of lecturer development needed to be held to increase their knowledge of community service proposals. In addition, Ghufron reported that LPPM Uhamka already has good relations with several partner villages out there, so LPPM will help lecturers who will do service out there. 


“Currently we already have about 6 partner villages, so lecturers don't have to worry about the affairs of these partners. Uhamka is liked by partners out there because we are more action than talk, so if fellow lecturers need us in the service process, we are ready to help fellow lecturers," said Gufron. 


At the end of his report, Gufron hopes that this activity can be completed well, and fellow lecturers can apply what they have learned to their respective faculties. He also reminded that lecturers must be able to become multidisciplinary human by joining and socializing with lecturers from other faculties. 


In this agenda, Prof. Yus Mochamad Cholily as the speaker person present that the revised Guide 13 had significant differences with the previous proposal model. If the previous proposal was divided into three groups. So, in the revision it was a combination of eleven service groups which were reduced to three groups, namely Community, Regional, and Entrepreneurship. 


“These three groups support various other programs within, for example, the community has a Community Partnership Program, and a stimulus Community Partnership Program. In the regional field, it is further divided into PPDN and the Superior Community Program. In the field of entrepreneurship, many are directed to campus, then entrepreneurship development and product development are carried out," he said. 


In the other way, on this occasion he also conveyed the objectives of community activities, including to build a group of people who are economically and socially independent, help create peace, and improve thinking skills. 


"If we talk about KKN-PPM, it does have a further goal, namely so that the lecturer's research can be applied in social life, in addition to providing reinforcement and assistance to the implementation of priority programs," he concluded.

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  • LPPM Uhamka Guides Lecturers in Compiling Community Service Proposals

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