Uhamka Releases 24 Best Students to Participate Joint Community Service Program (KKN) in Banyumas

Sabtu, 08 Januari 2022 | 15:06 WIB Last Updated 2022-01-08T08:06:33Z

 University of MuhammadiyahProf. DR. HAMKA (Uhamka) conducted a release for selected student participants who will take part in the 2022 Joint Community Service Program (KKN). This activity is held online through the Zoom platform.


Prof. Dr. Gunawan Suryoputro attended this activity as Chancellor of Uhamka, Ghufron Amirullah as Chair of the Uhamka Community Service and Empowerment Institute (LPPM), and 24 students participated in the Joint KKN.


In his report, Ghufron Amirullah said that this Joint KKN would be held in Cilongok District, Banyumas, Central Java. This Joint KKN is part of a series of synergies between LPPM Uhamka and several other community services and empowerment institutions. This Joint KKN went through several stages of previous selection to collect 24 selected students who will take part in this Joint KKN.


This activity is the initiation of three institutions, University of Muhammadiyah Purwokerto, Uhamka, and University of Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung. God willing, from Jakarta to the place where the KKN will be held together with Miuhammadiyah University, Bangka Belitung," said Ghufron.

Prof. Dr. Gunawan Suryoputro, in his speech, revealed that the 2022 Joint KKN is an integration of the implementation of the Catur Dharma College of Muhammadiyah, including teaching, service and empowerment, research, and the field of Muhammadiyah.


"In higher education, students must actively participate in higher education chess, so students must follow processes in education and teaching, community service, research, and fostering Muhammadiyah. In the past, the students' mindset was only focused on teaching. Now students must also be active in community empowerment, research, and academic service," said Gunawan.


He asked the students to innovate, be creative, and take the initiative because students are seen as educated people and will later become the community's hope in the destination village.


"KKN is an opportunity for students to share their knowledge as optimally as possible. So the science of observation in the classroom, campus, or organization can be useful for the community. Therefore, from now on, they have to prepare what will they do, so it becomes a solution," he said


At the end of his speech, Prof. Dr. Gunawan Suryoputro conveyed his message to the students participating in the Joint KKN to maintain courtesy and relationships while at the destination location.


"This KKN is integrated into the community, so you are required to understand the culture that exists there. Because you are a student, don't cause problems in society. Don't let your contribution be in vain. Then, in particular, you are an Uhamka student or a Muhammadiyah student, so keep in touch while you were there," he said at the end of his speech.

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  • Uhamka Releases 24 Best Students to Participate Joint Community Service Program (KKN) in Banyumas

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