Uhamka holds a National Seminar on Research Results and Service Grants from the Directorate General of Higher Education Kemendikbud Research and Technology

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Kabarpendidikan.id Muhammadiyah University Prof. DR. HAMKA continues to promote community welfare through research and Community Empowerment. With assistance from the Directorate General of Higher Education Dikti Kemendikbudristek, Uhamka creates change through his innovations in the fields of research and service.



With this, the Uhamka Institute for Community Service and Empowerment (LPPM) held a National Seminar on Independent Research Programs, Learning Independent Campuses and Research-Based Community Service and PTS Blueprint in Cooperation between UHAMKA and the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology, Ministry of Education and Culture in 2021 (Program Penelitian Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka dan Pengabdian Masyarakat Berbasis Penelitian dan Purwarupa PTS Kerjasama UHAMKA dengan Ditjen Dikti Ristek Kemendikbudristek Tahun 2021).



The activity was held offline and online on 27 and 28 December 2021 at the Grand Ballroom Lt. 10, Hotel Lorin Sentul Bogor, West Java and broadcast via Zoom Meeting as well as via Youtube LPPM Uhamka.


Also attended by Prof. Dr. H. Gunawan Suryoputro M.Hum as Chancellor of Uhamka, Prof. Dr. Abd Rahman A. Ghani S.H, M.Pd as Vice-Chancellor Deputy I, Dr. Lelly Qodariah M.Pd as Vice-Chancellor Deputy III, and Dr. Bunyamin M.Pd.I as Vice-Chancellor Deputy IV and all ranks of Uhamka academic other.


In addition, there were also cooperation partners who came from various regions in Indonesia including from the Gunung Pangrango National Park Center which was represented by the temporary officials (Plt.) Head of the Balai, namely Warja S.H, Head of Gekbrong Village Dadang Hikmat Sudarni S.Sos, Head of RW 04 Cilincing Fisherman Village, namely Jaelani together Chairman of RT 02 RW 04 Cilincing Fisherman Mr. Jaelani, as well as from Margahayu Bekasi, Secretary of RW 11, Supriadi, together with Karang Taruna Treasurer Muhammad Ishak, and Amin Santoso as PKK management.


Documentation with Uhamka pose (forefinger and thumb of the right hand resemble the letter U)

In his report, Ghufron Amirullah as Chair of the Uhamka Community Service and Empowerment Institute said that Uhamka has three locations for service development and empowerment. Among them are Gekbrong Village, Cianjur, West Java, which was handed by Dr. Lelly Qodariah M.Pd, the Cilincing Fisherman's Village, North Jakarta, which was handed by Prof. Dr. Nani Solehati, and the Margahayu Bekasi area, which was hended by Dr. Zulpahmi S.E.



Gufron said that the entire team was able to channel their innovations through unique and beneficial activities for environment local residents.


"Innovations channeled in this activity include the use of fish scales for gel and many other agendas. So indeed, Uhamka's service is based on research which is not only in a paper, but is also implemented through created programs," said Ghufron.


Prof. Dr. Abd Rahman A Ghani S.H, M.Pd said in his speech that the organization of this activity was a series of previous agendas, namely research-based service and empowerment in several regions in Indonesia.


"So, the results of all the service and empowerment activities will be implemented to organize a National Seminar," he said.



He added that this dedication and empowerment is one of the applications of Muhammadiyah's Catur Dharma, namely in the fields of education, research, and community service. The knowledge in teaching education will be implemented through research, research which will be further developed into community service.



"Through all these processes, the final result of which is a National Seminar, Insya Allah, we will gain insight into the results of research from the services that have been carried out. So, if today is better than yesterday, then we are among the lucky ones," close Rahman A Ghani.

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  • Uhamka holds a National Seminar on Research Results and Service Grants from the Directorate General of Higher Education Kemendikbud Research and Technology

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