Dean of FKIP Uhamka Positive Response in Student Development in the Field of Writing

Kamis, 30 Desember 2021 | 09:38 WIB Last Updated 2021-12-30T02:38:40Z
The Economic Education Student Association (HIMA PEKOM) FKIP Uhamka held a National Seminar and Call For Paper on Tuesday (28/12) with the title Generation Z Innovation in welcoming Era 5.0.


This agenda was attended by 14 provinces, such as Bali, Bangka Belitung, Banten, Bengkulu, DKI Jakarta, North Sulawesi, Jambi, West Java, Central Java, East Java, South Kalimantan, Lampung, South Sulawesi and North Sumatra, Gorontalo with a total of 98 articles.


“This is a new tradition for us, becoming a positive academic tradition as an actualization in the scientific field,” said Rivaldy, the chief of HIMA PEKOM in his report.


The Head of the Study Program, Onny Fitriana, in his speech said that we must continue to upgrade ourselves, one of which is through outside class activities such as this national seminar which is a place to increase knowledge and insight. National seminar activities and call for papers become academic platforms for truth values, important values ​​and need to be appreciated. The more students who write, the more students have academic awareness.


Hari Naredi as Vice of Dean III FKIP said in his speech, “It is hoped that this academic culture can continue to run and continue to improve every year.”


On the other hand, the Dean of FKIP Uhamka Desvian Bandarsyah revealed that this activity was essential and strategic, national seminars and call for papers were important in developing students’ talents and potential in the writing and expressing ideas, through the discussion of the themes offered, it became a hot issue at this time, considering a change in life.


Desvian Bandarsyah in his keynote presentation said that life changes, thanks to technological advances, changes the order of life, changes the pattern of space and time so that the world is not insulated again. The development of globalization has an impact on nationalism, the economy and other sectors of life.


The era of technological development in the industrial 4.0 landscape pushes humans beyond the boundaries of life. 5.0 needs to be human-centered and accommodate the times to respond to the negative impacts of the 4.0 revolution and build a technology culture as a tool to maintain social awareness and be actualized in life. Generation Z needs to continue to innovate in welcoming a better life.

“The issue of demographic bonuses and 1st century of independence motivates yourself to be a driving force in life, so build awareness, grow a sense of responsibility and do the best for life,” concluded Desvian Bandarsyah.


This seminar also presented speakers from the student element, such as, Mohammad Faiz Fajrurrahman (Head of Depatment Education IMAPESI University of Muhammadiyah Prof. DR. HAMKA), Muslimah (Student of University of Lambung Mangkurat) and Dwi Wahyuni ​​(General Secretary of IMAPESI and University of Lampung Students).


“All of them are student components, and this is part of the effort to provide opportunities for the younger generation to express their ideas in the academic pulpit,” said Sherly Oktavia as the chief of these activities. 
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  • Dean of FKIP Uhamka Positive Response in Student Development in the Field of Writing

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