Build and Manage Assets; Uhamka Launches PT Multireka Surya

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Documentation with Uhamka pose (forefinger and thumb of the right hand resemble the letter U) University Muhammadiyah Prof. DR HAMKA held event the formal ceremony of PT. Multireka Surya Utama which was offline at AR Fakhrudin Hall II Floor FEB Uhamka on Tuesday (28/12).


PT. Multireka Surya Utama (MSU) is a Muhammadiyah-owned Business Entity (BUMM) within Uhamka, which was launched to coincide with the 109th anniversary of Persyarikatan Muhammadiyah on November 18, 2021.


The building of a company engaged in consulting services and other service management was driven by the desire to optimize the income, utilization, management, and development of various assets, land, and buildings owned or managed by Uhamka in order to add value and high economic benefits.


Prof. Gunawan Suryoputro as Chancellor of Uhamka said that "Through the formal ceremony of PT Multireka Surya Utama this is a form of initiation of increasing commercial businesses, including build a company," he said.


At the end of his speech, Prof. Gunawan also hoped that the PT owned by Muhammadiyah could improve the performance of human resources (SDM) more ideally.


"I hope that the existence of this PT can improve a more ideal performance. To make this PT, Uhamka needs synergy from ladies and gentlemen," said Prof Gunawan.


On the other hand, Nuswantoro as BPH Uhamka expressed his gratitude that the enthusiasm of the Uhamka community was quite good and more than average other PT.


"This is proven by Uhamka today, launching the formal ceremony of a 3rd PT, namely PT Multireka Surya Utama. This means that the target that will be achieved by the Uhamka Rector will be believed to be successful. It's just that the message from BPH is not to compete with other universities in Uhamka, enough to compete with foreign PTs. I think these PTs should be promoted, so that these three PTs can compete with outside PTs," said Nuswantoro.


Nuswantoro added that say thank you of enthusiasm and raising the PT. Because in the future competence will be more hard in competition with other universities.


"It is important for me to say keep spirit up and expand this PT that we have. There are no other universities have PT. I congratulate and welcome the launching of PT Multireka Surya Utama, and compete with outsiders, don't compete with siblings PT Uhamka," said Nuswantoro.


M Nazief E Siddik as Director of PT Multireka Surya Utama in his speech expressed his gratitude and thankful for being invited by the Chancellor of Uhamka to cooperate in building and creating PT Multireka Surya Utama.


"We are grateful, and thankful to the Chancellor, BPH, Dean, and all Uhamka civitas. I have been invited by the Chancellor with an understanding creating this PT. The Multireka is multi means much reka means engineering. We will do agreement and cooperation with Uhamka civitas, don't let any of our assets go unused. In these 2 years we will focus on Uhamka first. After that, we will cooperate and collaborate with outside universities," said M Nazief E Siddik.

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  • Build and Manage Assets; Uhamka Launches PT Multireka Surya

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